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Airmail has been around forever, yet it’s one of the most buggy pieces of Mac software that I have had the displeasure of using. Now at version 3, the software still has its share of issues. The biggest problem is their development team. If you go to their support team with an issue, you will be treated rudely. They don’t want to hear about issues with their software, and even if you post those issues on their support forum, those questions will be deleted and go unanswered.

Bad but still not found better

used it for about 3 months. Search was very slow (takes around 5 to 10 seconds to give an answer). Some e-mails just disappeared as I pressed Send. Since today, the e-mails just don’t send anymore (not in draft, not in outbox, not in sent, just nowhere). Support didn’t find any positive solution, and because I have it for more than 90 days, I can’t get a refund. Bad overall experience, but still haven’t found better.

One of the best mail cient for Mac

This client is really great, the 3.0 version brings a fresh air sensation to the already fantastic Airmail app. The suppport is really reactive (especially Mark who helped me) and friendly. It’s wotrh 9,99 EUR/USD.

My favorite email client

Thank you for updating Airmail and for the good job. However I would have liked some features to be updated also. The markdown editor is horrible and sometimes I dont see where is the cursor with this blue color. I see that now when we start writing in Markdown, we can add an image in the body of the email, cool. I like Markdown because I can separate codes block when I need to send examples. It would be great to add button in the rich editor to add headings and preformatted text (h1, h2, h3, pre). And when you open the viewer panel there is an extra padding on the left, html emails are not centered.

Latest Update Crashes

Previous version was slow. Latest version will not open

My email app of choice, by far !

I tried many email clients both on iOS and OS X, somme quite good as well others very buggy. Airmail v3 is the one I power use every day, on OS X + iOS (iPhone + iPad). Keep it up! Thank you Paul, great support.

Too heavy - bad customer support

Version 3.0 is good. I had stoped using airmail and had gone back to Apple mail, but I’m back. Good interface and some important features such as send later, send to calendar etc.

Very Good

I love this app. Has a great costumer support. Tks Brenna!

IMAP nao completa o sincronismo

I’m trying to use this app since version 2, but the imap sync still does not work. Imap Sync never ends, freeze every time.

Great app

Great support was assisted by Mark , very kind and helpful .

Last version is VERY SLOW

This last version (3.0) is extremely slow! Type the destinatary of the message is slow to load and the search options are worse than before (and extremely slow too).

Help so Fast and Efficient

First time I used help for AirMail and Mark from their helpdesk where too fast for help me. I think this is a record. Lass than a minute to answer and lass than 5 minutes to solve my problem with account IMAP synchronization. Five stars for it! Thank you Mark/AirMail support!!!

Good but very buggy

The app has many very nice feautures I am not going to mention now but what you should know is that it is very buggy. Just installing wont work, it will require patiance and twicking. The support doesn’t really help much, probably there is not much they can do. I wouldn’t clompain much is this was a free app, but a this high price I would recommend you think it twice before you buy it.

Excellent app, great support

I am still discovering but can’t say how satisfy i am so far, really surprising me everyday with set of features which really make my life easier on managing different accounts and sending bunch of emails per day…awesome!

A great OS X/iOS mail client with a lot of flexibility

In case you find Apple’s somewhat limited, Airmail might be just for you. It is a very configurable client with a super-sleek UI, a true power-user app with a Mac-y look. The highlights: Quick reply (reply directly from the email you are reading), a minimalist window displaying the message list only (not the message contents), menu status icon, etc. Personally, at some point, I had a strange behavour when dealing with my iCloud account (it would just not send mails from my outbox), but the support was very patient and friendly dealing with my not always up to the point questions + very informative and knowledgable (thanks Steve, you’re the champ!). I can definitively recommend this app! To me it is worth every penny. P.S. The iOS app is also quite good and I happen to use it as a default email client too.

Klasse E-Mailalternative

Tolles Programm, nur ein digitales Handbuch wäre toll.

Better then Mail and easier to handle then Outlook

Just switched to Airmail 3 a few days ago and I love it. The interface is simple, but functional, just the way I like it! Setting up and managing email accounts is easier than Outlook and much more in-dept then Apple Mail. It works faster than Outlook and Apple Mail. I haven’t run into any bugs, but I was in contact with Paul from their support team, before I even bought the app. I had some questions about it, that were influencing my decision to buy it and he was able to answer them professionally and fast. He even provided a link to a beta version of the application, so I could test it out for free before-hand. Great job on the support side for sure!

Every option you can think of (plus a few dozen you didn’t imagine!)

I first bought Airmail when version 2.6 was out, and expected that I’d have to pay to upgrade to v3. Thankfully, it was a free upgrade! This upgrade brings a lot of features from iOS into the Mac version - my favorite thus far is being able to customize gestures. Now, when I swipe mail to the right (in iOS or Mac), it archives. When I swipe to the left, it snoozes. That’s just my preference, and yours may be different. The beauty of this app is that you will keep finding ways to tweak it - almost every item in the interface can be tweaked, changed, customized, or hidden. This is an app for power users who want to make it just the way they like it. I had an issue trying to figure out how to sync VIP contacts from iOS, and Steven from Airmail support was able to give me the answer via web chat within 2 minutes! Nice to know that the company support is there too if you need help!

Smart Folders!

Yay! Great! Thanks devs! Thanks to Brenna for the quick and helpful support.

Much Improved!

I could not give them much credit over the last 2 years since I first bought v1 at 1.99. Not a bad app, but support was absolutely non-existent, when I needed it. Mail had just let me down too many times so I was more than happy to pay 1.99 for a new app that could improve my experience. The app has matured considerably and it has a great feature set now. AND…excellent support via online chat. I worked with Steven after I installed v3 and he helped me find the right way to accomplish something I couldn’t figure out. So I am very happy to give a much higher rating to the app and their tech support at this time. I also had a paid upgrade to v2 at 9.99. Very happy to see v3 was a mere upgrade from the MAS. Any of the people whining about what they have paid for 1/2/2.5 are pretty pathetic, IMHO. I think the app is totally worth the money I have put into it.

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