Airmail 3 应用的评论


Awesome Email

Works great and fast. I had some issue with emails not being copied in my Sent folder, so I reached out to their Support. Steven talked me though everything and made sure all the settings were checked for my email Alias. Thanks Airmail!


Currently evaluating the program and it’s going quite well. I’m a Proton Mail user and unfortunately they don’t support it. That’s the only negative at this point. My workhorse is Spark which I’m really not satisfied with thus my eval of Airmail 3. Once I become better acquainted with the client I will offer a more substantial review. One thing is immediately apparent the emails are lightening fast. Very cool. BTW, I really like the chat feature that’s available with support. You get answers immediately instead of sending an email and waiting 24-48 hours for a reply. I worked extensively today with Sarah. She was awesome and clearly understood the nuances of the platform,

I’d pay 10x more for something that works

Constantly freezing up, search is garbage. I don’t want a $10 peice of crap, sell me a $100 email client that works

Well worth it!

I’ve been experiencing a myriad of issues with Apple Mail and my google and IMAP accounts lately. AirMail is the solution for desktop mail and I also bought the iPhone app – deleted Apple Mail from my phone as well. AirMail is the aspirin my email headache needed.

Good, with room for improvement

Overall, it is a fine mail app. It does the basics just fine. I started using it because i wanted a better email app to manage my personal and work emails… Turns out, it does an okay job at it. It was worth the $10. Here are my issues, and feature requests: 1) when viewing an email from my personal account, i reply to it but it always defaults to my work email I did set my work email as my Default Email, however, if i am replying to an email it should set it to the email address specific to that inbox. This is a pain when replying to personal emails throughout the day. 2) WYSIWYG formatting could be improved. Why do i have to click the bullet to add a bullet point? Most text editors nowadays understand basic markdown formatting and interpret it accordingly — i.e. if you type an [asterisk, space, word] it will interpret that as a bullet point. 3) Conversation threads can be hard to follow. The conversations are not quite as intuitively built as Outlook, and i find myself getting lost sometimes.

Does not support Modern Authentication

My organization switched to Multi Factor Authentication for Office 365, now I cannot use this app because it doesn’t support Modern Authentication. Giving this app 2 stars until they implement that into their software. As of now, this software is useless to me and I’m stuck with Microsoft Outlook.

Powerful Processing

I am able to so much more practically process my email and turn it into actions with Airmail. Between its support for other apps (for turning emails into to-dos or notes for reference) to its customizable shortcuts and actions (to efficiently label and get things out of my inbox), it’s allowed me to go from out of control email (14k unread) to being totally in control.

Big Fan..

Edit: June 12, 2018 - I gotta knock this down to 4 stars for now. This app is still the best email client, but its such a memory hog. It takes up about 4-6 gb of RAM every time its open. Please fix this; everything else is great. Airmail #1 was my best option to replace Apple Mail. My Outlook email account didnt play well with Apple, so Airmail gave me a good alternative. It was fast, asthetically appealing, and most importantly it worked fine. Airmail #2 has been a bit slower so far but i have no doubt the developers will bugshoot it along the way. I’m not a fan of how Airmail #1 buyers had to buy this one, even if it was discounted pricing, but hopefully they continue the work and making it an even smoother experience than the first one. About the app itself (for you new users), it works better than Apple Mail for many reasons. You can customize the look of your accounts and deal with tags and folders just a you normally would. Its the best native Mail experience you can get on the Mac.

More good chat support

I like the look of the app, how easy it is to set up folders and subfolders for mail, and all that; but also, the chat support on the web site really works. Steven responded quickly and had an answer that solved my problem.

Already impressed.

Great UI and Settings. Thank you Steven, for quick support on onboarding questions!

Support? What support?

The software is great as long as you don’t need support. I have a few tickets open and not a single reply from developer.

Great customer support

I use the beta versions and occasionally there are glitches, but customer support is very helpful - Steven gets a big shout out of thanks! Jennifer

It does some things well but...

Airmail plugs some obvious gaps that Apple misses for productivity users such as allowing the creation of reminders and calendar events from emails. This feature alone may make it a worthwhile alternative to the Apple Mail app. However, the glaring problem with this app is its flawed and underpowered search function. You need to be very specific in what you look for and getting results can be very slow. For example it is not possible to put someones name in the search bar and see all incoming and outgoing emails as well as other messages where that person may be mentioned. You would need to run 3 seperate searches to see these results. That alone keeps this product for being my full time work mail client.

Great App!

Really a great and wonderfull app, and excellent support thanks to Sarah for it! THANK YOU SARAH!!

Don’t buy this

I researched and read reviews looking for a mail app because Mac Mail is not working for me. This seemed like the right one, it’s even an editor’s choice and a design winner. I am very disappointed. It took a long time to get set up. When I checked the info on the developer’s site it references icons that do not exist in the app. When I contacted the developer I received a quick response that was full of typos telling me what to do to get the icons to show. When I checked it was already set up the way I was instructed. I was then told to send screenshots, which I did. No response since then. I found another app that was set up in no time and worked much better. Postbox. I don’t understand the good reviews for this app. Maybe something changed since they were written.

What’s not to love! Seriously!

I’m not a fan of using email clients, esp since Google’s web app does the trick for me PLUS having several chrome extensions to make it do what I want. BUT being part of a few different teams and having to manage several email accounts, I decided to try a few email clients and AirMail 3 was the only one that had all the features of gmail (yes, shortcuts and all!). Very robust features, and the best part is if I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for, their support team is right there! It’s the weekend as I write this and I wasn’t expecting an answer till Monday, and if I was lucky - maybe a few hours later. Well I guess I was really really lucky cause Steve replied right away and was able to help :) I highly recommend this software! Especially if you have and iPhone because adding email accounts to the phone is sooooo fast and easy, I love that you can just sync any accounts added from the desktop to the iPhone. Really happy with Airmail :)

Tons of Bugs

I have been using this app for a year or two for email. I really like that I have nice key options to send and archive mail, this level of customization is great. I also really like that when it can’t connect to a email server it is not popping up every 10min to tell me it can’t connect, as when I am not on my work campus this is the case. But there are a few bugs that just keep driving me crazy such that I am now leaning towards switching back to mail app.. 1. when there is an attachment, sometimes the app can freeze for like 15-20s as it tries to load email thread. This is unaccepable. 2. Often the serach box just dissapears and you have to restart application. This happens probably almost once a day. 3. Often the email thread goes crazy and just starts jumping around from different sections within the thread, and you have to restart application. This happens probably 2-3 times a day. It used to be that is was just problem 1, but in the past few months problems 2 and 3 have arisen, and it has become unberable.

Don’t like this.

I was using this software because it says it has TODO features, but all the todo feature does is move the email to a TODO folder. That’s a bit cheap. I’d like a refund on this.

developers aren't mature, appstore updates dont work

When I bought this app I expected to get S/MIME and PGP support via their plugin downloads. The latest version seems to have broken plugins all together. Support team (all based in India) was not helpful at all and doesn't understand how filesystems work. They could not resolve my issue and would not give me a timeline of whent he issue would be fixed or when I would hear back from a more competent support tech. I am used to getting some kind of support ticket ID number so I can track my issue and reference when talking to staff in the future. There is no issue tracking system that I am aware of. Just not a professional company in my opinion. More testing needs to be done before release so bugs like this don't happen. ? Update 6/5/2018: Could not update app via AppStore. Complained about extensions in use by Support wanted me to restart into Safe Mode to update their app. Seriously? I can't understand why this app is a WWDC design winner. These guys clearly have no experience in developing for MacOS and using best practices. Also the latest release notes only say "Bugfix". Thanks for the details guys, how about letting users know what bugs you're actually fixing? Chat support is useless and only knows how to spit out links to other websites that might fix your issue. Note: if you are having the same issue as me not being able to update the app just quit AirMail then go into Activity Monitor and quit Spotlight (it will automatically restart itself). Then click update and it should progress with the update.

DON’T WAIT YOUR MONEY! No functional address book

I opened the address book and found it contained literally HUNDREDS of emails I didn’t recognize, most of them listed under the name “Unknown.” The app seemde to have culled the addresses of everyone (including every spammer) who has ever contacted me. I tried to start editing this mess and found that I couldn’t. So I contacted tech support… and found out there is no means to edit (or arrange, or organize, or update) the address book. The year is 2018, this app is not free, and IT HAS NO FUNCTIONAL ADDRESS book. I have asked Apple for my money back. I don’t want to sort through a listing of hundreds of pieces of irrelevant crap every time I need to find the email address of someone I actually deal with.

Airmail Is The Last Email Client You’ll Ever Need

After searching for years for an e-mail client that suits all of my needs, I finally found airmail on the iPhone. Then months later when I got a mac, I was worried that I’d have to start the search over again for a perfect email client. After a solid couple weeks on the App Store for Mac searching, I found out they made an Airmail client for mac. YES! I thought, my prayers had been answered. Airmail for Mac is the best e-mail client ever made for the mac. The developers thought of everything, and the app is perfet in every single way. It’s fast, responsive, the gestures work wonderfully with my trackpad, it’s beautiful.

Airmail 3.5.8 Support & Stability

I love this app, and am pleased to report that the developers were quick to fix the instabilities in 3.5.3 so I’m removing my review of that. Kudos for the quick fix. I’ve been using this app for 5 years and find it far superior to Apple Mail. It is fast and handles HTML messages with more sophistication than Apple Mail. I find that clients who receive my emails don’t notice anything amiss, whereas with Apple Mail there were difference when sending to customers on Microsoft Exchange. Recently I had a problem with email icons and it took only one communication with Steven to get the answer I needed and the problem is resolved. Fast and effective customer support is something I really appreciate.

Looks nice and has some nice features but very buggy

I was hoping this was the end of the road as far as my long search for a solid email app, but it falls a little short. On top of that, the misses seem to be low-hanging fruit that should have been nailed down. The text editing features and formatting in the email body are pretty bad. Limited and things get wonky if you reply to an email and try to make changes to the existing text. The tools like bullets and text color are also just not there. There are also weird bugs like trying to forward an email to someone only to have it send to yourself, not the person you added to the address bar. Images are stripped out of emails, replying to emails on the mobile app strips the entire message thread out of the response. Also, the Mac app crashes a pretty fair amount for me. It’s nice to win design awards, but stuff this basic should just work. I do love the unified inbox and the interface, but there’s some work to do on this app for sure. And feature parity between mobile and desktop would be nice.

Can’t add account with self-signed cert on OSX.

I was unable to add an IMAPS/SMTPS account that uses self-signed SSL certificates on my Mac OSX. Oddly enough, when an account is already added and validated (one with valid certificates), the configuration page for the establised account does have a checkbox to “allow invalid certificates” but by then it is too late. That option needs to be there when first adding an account because otherwise I can’t get past the test and the account never gets added. I don’t get asked to allow invalid cert when testing settings either. Tech support says that option as I needed it is only availabled on iOS but not Mac (OSX). Also, I’d like an option for not storing the account passwords and instead ask for it at least when the app is first opened. Having the setting synced over the cloud is nice but I don’t want the passwords stored in the cloud.

Support? Don’t count on it

Just purchased due to raving reviews. Install and crash, initially it wouldn’t configure for Network Solutions POP, then I tried import from mail and I guess it worked but now it crashes before starting up. Running 10.11.6 Read though tons of stuff on a support site linked that has ZERO contact address or even a forum. I haven’t had to look this hard for a contact address since before Paypal was owned by eBay. Clearly support doesn’t want you to contact them. They make it sound like if there’s a problem, boy we’re here to help…reality, NOT SO MUCH. I don’t have time for this goose chase or for chasing down $10 but it pisses me off enough that I’m leaving this.

Where is there any Support?

I have just purchased this mail app based on its “Editor’s Choice” rating, and am encountering problems with basic functionality (as in, it won’t retrieve my MAIL), and I find the only “support” offered by this company is to link to a set of FAQs. That is NOT support; that’s just pathetic. It’s also not what I would expect from a company in the business of selling software.

Full of Bugs - Extremely Disappointing

This app is full of bugs and all support ever does is tell me to delete my account re-add it or that they'll forward my comments on to their developers. Too many bugs.


I am very pleased with AirMail 3.5.8… an outstanding mail client. But even more so is the tech support when a glitch pops up! I had a nasty little problem with deleting mail out of my draft folder… I tried everything … followed blogs and chats to no avail. Than after contacting AirMail support … Sarah quickly responded and pulled the rabbit out of the hat! Fast… and efficent… Kudos!!

Amazing Functionality with Superb Customer Support

I’ve been using Airmail since just before the Airmail 2 update, and I can’t imagine using another client. Everything is smooth and fast, and the interface is so clean it makes everything seem easier to read and work through. Recently, I faced an issue where some old contacts were syncing in, and when I reached out to customer support through the website, Steven was able to quickly point me to a solution for my problem and get me back to full steam ahead. I’ll be with Airmail so long as they continue to exist!

Love this app.

Airmail is one of my main tools in my day to day everything. I use it for business and personal, its a powerful email client that fills all the gaps left by Apple Mail (what happened there?) and I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a solid, stable, rich feature set that is easy on the eyes.

It keeps getting better!

Airmail is a pleasant surprise. Each time I use it I think it’s perfect. Then they improve it, and it is always better. How do they do that? New stuff means learning new stuff. The Airmail FAQs are really precise, and I use them. Sometimes I can’t find something because I type in a wrong word.That’s when I rely on Airmail Support. Airmail Support is great. Steven helped me out today. He knew what I needed to change in the steps and got me up and running very easily. Thanks, Steven!

great support

I had an issue where I was unable to find an email. Steve in support helped me out and now all is great. I was a matter of using preferences to show spam and trashed emails, by using advanced preferences.

Great app for email

Overall this app is great, but I hope developer can find the way to show attachment on the top of email. The Apple way to show each email’s attachment on the bottom is the worst idea to show the attachment on many replied email.

Airmail is awesome!

If like me you've been getting increasingly frustrated by Apple Mail but have stuck with it because you haven't found a worthy replacement I highly recommend checking out Airmail 3. I tried an earlier version of Airmail but found it too buggy at the time. But I'm glad I gave this new version a try because it seems they've ironed out those bugs and it now works very smoothly. It's easily worth the $10 I paid for it. Frankly it's a bargain. If you prefer an actual mail app over using a web browser, you like having all your mail in one place AND you are also an avid Gmail user I think you will love Airmail. Gmail users will especially appreciate the keyboard shortcuts. It's also highly customizable. You can pretty much install and start using right away but I think it would be well worth your time to spend 10-20 minutes getting familiar with the available customizations and setting it up the way you want. NOTE: If you use iCloud and want to connect your email to Airmail please note that you will need to set up Two Factor Authentication on your Apple account first (if you haven't already done so). Once you do that you log into iCloud and obtain an "app specific" password that you will use for Airmail. After doing that, my iCloud mail was able to download just fine right alongside my various Gmail accounts. In conclusion, I really enjoy using Airmail and have finally removed Apple Mail from my Dock. Don't be afraid to try it. It's good software.

Dreadful App

It is clearly not made to support heavy users (I have 20 email accounts. Horribly slow, 3-5 minutes to start up. Sybcing takes forever. I contacted support because I needed to know what the full send error was so I counld troubleshoot it. The app only says “ Unable to send email…”. No details. Their admitted rapid reply to me: ” I am afraid there is not any option to see the full message in Airmail for now. “ HUH???? That is just nuts! I then checked Google and find this has been a common issue for at least a couple of years. If you only have maybe 1-2 email accounts and they work, then maybe the app is OK to use. I would not recommend paying for it otherwise.

Unusuable search

I don’t know why people go crazy about this app in reviews… It looks nice and everything is great that you can organize all your accounts in a single place in a pretty GUI, BUT its search is complete useless. if you really used it for a while, you know what I’m talking about. It’s search results are the worst ever, and especially, you can never find anything in a trash folder. I’ve been waiting for them to enhance search, and it hasn’t been done for looooong time.

The best Mail app for MacOS!

FINALLY a mail app that will delay sending messages for 5 minutes before sending that works perfectly with enterprise Gmail account. Plus easy setup and endless configurations for your tweaking pleasure. Good looking and user friendly UI to boot

Worked for a while but poor support

I've been using Airmail for quite some time now, and until recently it has worked flawlessly. Sometimes it's a little slow when you want to undo an action, but other than that, it works great on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. However, a week ago I started having an issue where my unread indictors would not clear. I checked my mail server, and the indicators are clearing correctly there, and I tried three other email clients and all of them clearly reflected the correct status of each email. I reached out to support and tried their few suggestions, but none of them solved the problem. I was finally asked to create a test account for Bloop to use on my server, which I did. Although I have chatted their support agents many times since then, I have never received another response. I can access the test account and see that nothing has been done with it. Having the unread markers stay lit is a huge concern for me. It makes it very difficult to keep track of what's going on in my inbox, and because of this I have stopped using Airmail for the time being. The lack of response from the support team is enough to make me drop the app for good.

Doesn’t work

Spent hours trying to add my mail accounts. Threw away $10 but at least I didn’t bite on the IOS app.

Seems to work well

Got tired of Apple Mail’s handling of gmail, which broke in various ways every couple of months or so. Airmail seems more reliable, and feature set is a bit better also. Documentation is pretty sketchy, and no phone support, but a chat with Sarah today quickly solved my problem (needed to clear cache to solve sent mail sorting issue). Steven was also helpful more recently.

Good App!

I am new to Airmail after leaving another e-mail client who delivered non-existent customer support. I am learning as I go and the customer support with Airmail is amazing! I had a few questions this morning and Sarah responded immediately and had my problem solved.

Stuck in the mud

I have been a long time user of Airmail but I now find myself giving up on it. I once thought it was a competant replacement for Gmail’s web view. I get that it can’t be as instantaneous as gmail since changes have to propagate to the app, but it now falls far short of even that. The Good: - Looks great. The UI is first reate - Composing email is smooth - Combining multiple accounts is very nice The Bad: - It has gotten far too slow. All the UI flourishes mean nothing if the app isn’t responsive - New mail updates are inconsistent. Currently, the most recent inbox email is over a week old. Side-by-side comparison with gmail’s web view shows mail for the past week hasn’t been retrieved by Airmail - Search is very slow and inconsistent. Often email that should show up in a search doesn’t. - You’d think “Get Mail” would initiate something visible in either the Activity or Operations windows so as to suggest a mail update. Nope.

Great app, better support

Computer crashed last week and I’m in the middle of setting it back up. I had a few settings I could not get right so I click on the help button with no expectation of gettting it fixed at midnight on a Saturday. David answered within minutes and resolved my problem. I’ve bought and tried every email app available for IOS amd this one does it all. There are many features that I dont use but for someone who is a heavy user I can see how they could benefit.

Really dissapointed----

I tried and I paid the full price. First is doesnt give much that the apple imail, and second it is so so so far away from the capabilities of OUtlook for Mac. That’s really a huge gap that the design wont cover. Money completely wasted. Outlook even if i didnt want microsoft is so much better.

Unbelievably buggy

I added an account, and then it crashed. I launched the app again, and it crashed on startup. I went to their support page, where they recommend launching it in safe-mode to help diagnose an issue. I launch the app in safe mode, and switch to the newly added account. Application crashes. I launch the app in safe mode again, this time I delete that newly added account. Application crashes again. Developers, this isn’t acceptable. — (edit: months later) none of their betas have worked either. same story with every release.

Clean & Functional

This is a beautiful app to use. Not only that, but it’s also extremely functional. It’s easy to set up and very easy to customize your preferences. The way the app was designed makes you want to use it often. 5 stars for Airmail 3!

Annoying Error Message

First, I happily paid for this product. Second, I used to enjoy it. It was my go to email app. However, it suddenly started posting a really annoying message that a specific email couldn’t be sent. I deleted the email. I moved the email. I rebuilt the cache. NOTHING WORKED! Every two minutes, like clock work, the error message would reappear. Airmail, if your monitoring these reviews, FIX THIS PROBLEM, please! I have moved over to Thunderbird and now regret having wasted $10 on this product.

Great customer support

Airmail is a really great email program, but I’m most impressed with their customer support. I contacted them with an issue, and Steven helped me fix the problem in less than 10 minutes, even though the issue took multiple attempts to fix. Thanks a ton Steven!

Purchased for the features, Have Stayed Because of the support

I switched to Airmail a couple of years ago for the ability to delay the sending of messages and the improvement of the interface over the standard Mail App. The ability to “Snooze” messages so that they appear a few days later is great when I need to respond to someone but don’t yet have the answers. While other clients have since added these features, what has kept me as a loyal Airmail customer is the fantastic support. I recently ran into a minor bug and received a response within 15 minutes from Steven helping me work through and identify the problem.

Awesom App

This is a great app, very intuitive and beautiful to look at all day! It’s easy to organize folders and it even pulled over my “saved on my mac” folders from macmail. Tech support is fantastic. Steven responded within minutes to my request for help and got the issue resolved immediately. This app is well worth $4.99. You won’t be disappointed.

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