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Gmail groups sync do not work. Sometimes messages appear in wierd characters, even Chinese.

I keep coming back

I'm the definition of someone that uses emails — I work with 3 startups and am constantly trying to find the next best email client. After every try-out with the latest player, I find myself coming back to Airmail. It's incredibly fast, has the various tiny tweaks such as delayed sending, etc, that are just super helpful. On top of that, the support is fantastic. I'm never without an answer within like an hour, which is unheard of. Steven nails it every time! Just spend the money and buy this app. It's worth it.

Great support, great app

Airmail 3 is fantastic - really helps me tame my email inbox. When I have questions, they are solved promptly and pleasantly by the support team (thanks, Steven!). Recommended to anyone with multiple email accounts and/or lots of email.

I’ve used for nearly 3 years. Destroys data, terrible support

Absolute Garbage I have been using both the iOS version and the macOS version of Airmail for nearly three years. I’ve been happy with the integrations and the environment. But I have reached the limits of my patience with its basic functionality and tendency to undo my work and erase my data. Here are the basic problems I have repeatedly encountered. I have reported them all to tech support and gotten nothing. Literally nothing. Sync failures. Nothing more frustrating than spending a few hours cleaning out your inbox, thinking you are almost done, and suddenly encountering a notice that says your account is in error, which sends each filed, snoozed, and deleted email right back into your inbox. This happens to me all the time. And by the way, my account is not in error, Airmail, because I can open another app and send, receive, and file just like normal. Every. Single. Time. Sent mail and drafts vanish into thin air. Seriously, Airmail, don’t you expect that when you save a reply it should get saved? Two long drafts I saved had all my text replaced with **** Bloop ****. No joke. No one at Airmail support could offer a single dang idea what this was all about. Never heard back from the “developers” that they reported this issue to. Random glitches that prevent email from being read. I often receive emails that are blank. Totally blank. Once I wrote back asking if they intended to send me something, and of course they had. It was Airmail failing to render the text. And it was happening with the same email on both the iOS and macOS versions!!! Was it happening on other mail apps? No it was not. This was a special problem confined only to Airmail. Since that first time I see blank messages All. The. Time. This means I have to open up another mail app to read it. All this has been going on for nearly three years so I have absolutely no confidence these issues will ever get fixed. Sad, because it seemed so promising. I encourage all other reviewers who gave this app 5 stars to revisit their reviews after a few months. If you are seeing any of the issues above, you are not alone. If you have also been routinely ignored by Airmail, you are not alone. But I’m afraid all you can do is give up.

No customer support

This used to be the best email client out there. On the release of high sierra it started giving me a headache. At the release of mojave I have had to resort to another email client. Customer support hasn't replied to any of my attempts to get the problem resolved.

Not so great after 3 years of use and new bug

Oct. 11, 2018. Since the last update 3.6.43 and previous, there is a new bug. When scrolling in the main Airmail window the message order gets mixed up, with older messages appearing before newer ones. Very dissorienting and in some cases you click one message and you end up viewing another. Worried about deleting the wrong message. This needs urgent fixing. Oct. 9, 2018 After a couple of years since my last review, I am dissapointed that the search function is still buggy, slow and unreliable. Furtermore, the search function fails to take full advantage of "labels", which could have made Airmail a powerhouse in terms of finding emails. I still stick with Airmail as my primary mail app, but often find myself opting back to the Apple mail when trying to locate emails. I just don't understand why the Devs seem to be going in circles in relation to the search function. Why is it still such a big problem after so many years in development? Previous Review Follows Below: This is an updated review based on almost a year of continuous use. I still want Airmail to succeed because it has so much potential. HOWEVER: the developers seem to be more concerned with cosmetics and making AM cute rather than with solid performence and reliability. Search is limited in functionality and more importantly it has never worked in a reliable way. AM is resource hungry and slow. Rules are elementary, which is an irony since the flagship feature of AM is the availability of labels, which could have been used with rules to open a wide door to automation in handling mail. So much potential being wasted and unfortunately the developer team does not seem to be able to get their act together to correct a handful of critical limitations that keep the app from being a real powerhouse. Previous Review When I first started to use Airmail I have been on the search for a better email client on my Macs and Iphone for a couple of years. I like the reliability of Apple’s Mail apps, but I hate the fact that they provide practically zero tools for organizing your email. Even flags and smart mailboxes do not sync between OS X and iOS. Thus, the search for something better. My philosophy in handling email is that I do not want to file messages in pigeonholes (mailboxes). I like to maintain a linear timeline of the way all exhanges evolved and thus like to file my emails into an Archive mailbox. But I do want ways to organize mesages and for this I like using tags. For a while I was trying to get this done using MailTags but I was frustrated with the endless updates and fixes and the fact that it seemed to make OS X mail slow and often stuck, and by the lack of an iOS version. Along the way I’ve tired many other clients. They just didn’t quite cut it for me. Then I tried Airmail. The first time around I kept it for a week and then unistalled. I did not like the fact that it created copies of messages when applying lables that where not removed when the messge was deleted. But I liked the interface and speed. So, about about three weeks ago I gave it another try. This time I used rules to correct what I did not like: if a message is deleted I make sure all labels are removed, which effectively removes all copies of the message. Another rule makes sure the Inbox label is removed if something is archived. With these two simple changes I realized that I finally I had found what I have been loooking for. I love the speed, the organizational tools and the fact that I have on iPhone exactly the same capabilities as on my Mac. There are still some improvements that need to be done: rules do not sync between machines, if you want to hide labels/folders you cannot select many of them at once, you have to hide them one by one, color schemes do not sync betweem machines, a few others. But these are minor issues for me, I have 99% of what I have been looking for and I hope it will keep improving. Wow!

Does everything I need it to do

I'm on the beta release channel so I get changes/bug fixes as soon as they're released. Never had an issue with the program. Paired with SpamSieve, it's as good as any mail program on the market.

Broken Plug-ins afer update to 10.14

Airmail is a great app, have always used it over all other alternatives. After updating to macOS 10.14, my plug-ins no longer work, which I use everyday. Please fix read receipt plug-in and this will be a continuted 5-star app!

Broken after updates

Broken after I upgraded to the new system. Contacted the support but still cannot get it fixed...

Full of bugs and slow to fix dev team

I was excited to try Airmail as I read the good reviews but if you pay close attention, this application is buggy in different areas. I’ve been reporting bugs to support and they are usually quick to respond but it seems the ones reading are just monkeys and all they keep saying is "…we’ll report this to the developers…". The latest bug: If you type a search string in the search box, Airmail replaces what you just typed with "label:Inbox" what the heck?! If this dev team don’t start focusing on quality soon, this app will soon reach its peak of glory days and begin it’s decline into what will be yet another dead Mac email client. I mean, don’t they check the product before shipping it? Come on. It seems that lately users have become beta testers for all apps these days. It’s becoming a trend which I find reflects the poor quality of work that software developers are putting out there.

Simply the Best Mail Program for Mac

Airmail is the ultimate email app. Would like to see a few more integrations though, like (Deliveries, Parcelapp, Shoeboxed, Dueapp).

A little to like…a lot to loathe

My co-worker recommended I leave Apple Mail and purchase Airmail. Initially, as first impressions went, I thought, “Wow, OK, laying out money for a mail app, this has got be great!” Uhm… Initialy I was impressed. I liked functions like the ability to delay an email’s SEND action. And Airmail's search function (critical to me) slaughters Apple Mail's which is embarrassingly awful. If one component will force me to stay with Airmail ( and hope the app is improved with upgdates) it will be Airmail's strong and fast search function. But--oy—then there is the day to day grind of working with the app as it begins to reveal its slew of problems. As an art director for a major arts foundation I’ll note that aesthetically Airmail is atrocious. It reminds me of Microsoft products that have that feeling of 8 different unconnected departments working to develop the code. So there isn’t a real unified feel or look to the software. This is especially evident when you study how threads of email are displayed, with unattrative and unnecessary weird curved lines up top, and then, too, as noted below, the crazy mashup of different fonts. On the surface all the colorful icons and colorful slide actions in Airmail are cool, but the reading of incoming email is an unmitigated disaster. The email's fonts are so tiny and ugly and compressed that my eyeballs are always straining towards the monitor (or iPad) trying to see what I’m reading. When I asked support about this I was told there was no way to control the look of incoming emails and that I should ENLARGE MY MONITOR. (That was a true workaround suggestion!) And I burst out laughing upon reading that. Composing emails turns them into ugly mish-mashes of various fonts and fonts sizes. Because I have defined a serif font and font size to use for composing in Airmail, should that flow of code (i.e. while composing a sentence) move into a bit of HTML in the missive, like, say from a URL that I’ve cut and pasted in place, suddenly the entire remaining part of the email switches to THAT URL’s font and, well, then the finished email, with my signature’s font an entirely different font down below, looks deranged and frazzled, like a ransom note. Not a great image to convey as an art director. The handling of incoming images is a disaster in Airmail and is the general deal breaker for me. Example: Should someone send an image to me (and I receive a LOT of jpgs related to my design work) that has NOT been attached to the email as an attachment (IOW it was probably dragged and dropped into the email template) it is impossible for me to save the image (in IOS) to my image folder. Again, there is no way possible to retrieve the image. I end up having to take screen caps to send the file over to the correct folder on my handheld devices. A real nuisance and time drag. Again, support on this is comical, they say: “Just tap on the image to save it.” One day I tapped so hard and continually I nearly broke the iPhone’s screen. No, no tapping worked in that case. Again, it’s a crapshoot, sometimes easily saved others no force within the universe will dislodge the image from the incoming email. Ghost code is a constant problem in Airmail, and very much like spinning a roulette wheel, as I never know when it’s going to go off on me. Like the other day, I’d composed a message, paused and put it into draft mode and then — POW — upon re-opening it all of the message’s content, save for the subject line, had evaporated. And so I had to start again, trying to recall what I’d typed out, my inspiration replaced with irritation. Contacting support they asked that I walk them through the process of the problem. What process? I typed, saved it as a draft, the text disappeared. What else was I to have noted to them? Or I’ll compose an email, go up to change the signature that will accompany the email and then the shift over to the new signature will wipe out my missive, leaving me with just a 'Dear So and So' as the single sentence in the missive. Do you, like me, enjoy the convenience of a co-worker, using IOS, sending you an emailed calendar invite that you can then hit ACCEPT and then have it transfered over to your calendar? Nope, can’t do that with Airmail IOS. Not a function they offer-- you must stop and manually put everything into place in the calendar. And then stop what you are doing and email your co-worker to say you’d recevied their invite and you are confirming, etc. Do you like to delete, right on the spot, emails that show up in your notifiation window on the desktop (by hitting delete in the notification prompt.) NOPE, sorry, you can’t. You have to allow the email to download into Airmail and THEN go in and delete it from the app. Several times I’ve written to support and mentioned receiveing a refund for the software and only once did someone inform me that there would be no refund. I was astrounded, given how detailed I was with the egregous and embarassing issues related to the software. Other requests via their LIVE CHAT support are sometimes just ignored, leaving me to trawl through Reditt, trying to find out answers to my quesitons. Or they will resond with pat, cookie cutter responses that are of no help; or support will request that I go through elaborate details to say exactly what I was doing at the time that such and such an error occured, as if I’m being paid to test out their software. I understand this but do not wish to waste time doing it. Again, I paid to have software that worked. Amazingly there are more problems to detail but I’m burned out just compiling this email. Enough. Good luck to you!

Spamsieve no longer trainable; plug-ins don't work

Spamsieve no longer functions in Airmail 3.6.41 in Mojave. Also it won't implement 2Do, etc. I've written them and all I was told was it would be passed on to the developers, but nothing has changed so far. There are threads about why this aspect is broken online. I've developed a workflow dependence on Airmail; please fix it ASAP.

Love the app and shortcuts, but…..

having to rebuild my exchange email DB a couple times a week is getting old. always missing email in the inbox. doesn’t happen in the iOS version.

SMALL font

Maybe this app is good and functional, but I cannot use it. On my 27" iMac all the interface is too small, I should seat close to the screen to see all letters clearly. My eyes hurt after 30 minutes of work. And no possibility to change it. Don't buy if your sight is not 100%.

Read Receipts & Snooze,2 killer features

Using this with multiple IMAP GoDaddy email accounts. Syncs with many nested folders works well (was not on some other email clients I tried before). But #1 feature of this app are the read receipts. Others charge a subscription for that while here it is included in the one-time purchase price. Shows the first time the message is opened by each recipient. (I noticed if you forward or reply to emails it doesnt seem to work correctly probably because the original message has the pixel in it that is used for tracking). Snooze is the #2 feature. Settings can be sync'd via iCloud to all IOS/Mac devices under your account. The IOS app is ok (scrolling seems to slow down adter a while though, not as smooth as stock IOS mail app) but for some reason Read Receipts are no longer available from messages sent from IOS app (you can still see read receipts on IOS from emails sent from MacOS client). Finally kudos to Sarah in their support who replied quickly on an issue that was missing in the latest MacOS app but had been fixed already in latest desktop app. It's $10 well spent for an email app.

Support is Amazing like the App

I have been using Airmail for years, and still, there is no alternative to it. I have encountered an issue which was bugging me & decided to stop using it. Suddenly i thought i could knock their support. I was solved just within 5 min by their support Agent Sarah. She understood the issue quickly and instructed me to fix it. She is a real expert & incredible support Agent. Loving Airmail as always.

Sarah from support was very helpful to me

That’s what I have to say. I am rather clunky when it comes to computer things, but with persistance and HELP I could figure out how to connect Airmail 3 to the account I use for email. Whew!

Favorite features does not correctly work

I submitted to tech support 4 days ago that I could not send an email to Evernote. I was told that I would receive an email or resonse on dialogue box. I sent in a request 2 days ago and was told the same thing. But I have not received a response. I also have trouble with rules sorting immediately shen opening Airmail. I have to click on different views to get the sort to work correctly. All of the problems started with the update for Mojave. From the most recent reviews this seems to be a recurring issue. I have liked using Airmail in the past for the features. However, it is obvious the updates were not ready to be released. Update: Now several days later I've tried Airmail again. I have also discovered that I cannot send to Fantastical 2 from the Airmail 3 app. That worked fine before the last two updates. It seems that there is major problems with the "Send" functions. I am hoping another updte will come very soon.

Great potential, poor execution

This app seems to be great af first, and I need it for multiple email accounts to replace the now ridiculous Thunderbird. But it has so many problems I’m considering dumping it. Besides the numerous and frequent crashing (which I’ve just “gotten used to” at this point) the starring and unread email system doesn’t work. The same email will reappear over and over. As you scroll down the inbox, the dates won’t line up correctly - you are in September of 2018, and then with one scroll down (a few pixels), you are suddenly in March 2012. When you click on an email from March 2012, it takes you to a different email from a different year. It is useless to try to keep track of starred and unread email. I am hoping that the latest update will fix stuff, but at this point I think it might be hopeless. I haven’t tried their iOS version due to the horrid reviews it has. If anyone knows a great, dependable, multi-account email app, for heaven’s sake please let me know. EDIT: ok , just tried the new update - same issues, same crazy email dating, same repeated emails, and it crashed within 60 seconds. I don’t see how this got an Editors Choice award from Apple. This app is pure garbage. I wish I could get my $10 back.

Does not support WINMAIL.DAT attachments

It seems to be a struggle to find a client that natively supports attachments that are within a WINMAIL.DAT container. I was hoping Airmail would have that functionality. It unfortunately does not. My search continues...

dark mode sents white text on white background

this seems to be a very annoying bug. I received information from some of my receipients that the emails I sent seem empty. We figured out that it was actually white text on white background. I assume that this is caused by the new dark mode. I am using dark mode together with markdown. Sending those emails makes me look very unprofesional and I couldn't even see it myself since airmail displays those email correctly internally. Only when looking at them in a different client (e.g. mac MAIL) you can see that they are wrongly formatted. An email which is for most people the official way to communicate with e.g. clients needs to look to clients like it does to the sender. If I think I sent a nicely formatted email and don't see that it actually looks like it has not content to the recipient that is a big problem. Such a bug should not have gone unnoticed and shows that airmail is not working in a professional setting.


Been using for over a year and never looked back.

Recently started getting a lot of erros

I've recently started getting a lot of keychain errors. Perhaps Airmail is not compaptible with the latest Mac OS. No longer able to use Airmail.

Latest version 3.6.4 is very, very bad

Airmail has been my favorite mail client for a lot of years. Then I downloaded 3.6.4. It’s a mess, and totally unusable on High Sierra. When using a sort, it’s all over the place - not only does the sort not work properly, but as I scroll down through my messages the sorting actually changes. And when I click on a message the sorting changes and a totally different message comes into view. It’s totally unusable, and such a shame when a product you actually like comes up with so many problems. How does something like this get released? Where’s the quality assurance? Where’s the testing?

Mojave Not

Doesn't seem to work with Mojave. I'm running a new MBP (August 2018) and Mac OS 10.14 and this app keeps freezing up on me. It worked fine on High Sierra but apparently these developers were snoozing when Apple released the betas for Mojave. Not a good sign for the future of the software.

AirMail is Moderately Disappointing

AirMail is a moderately disappointing application that has a very nice design, but lacks the key features you were probably hoping to utilize, when buying the app. Let’s start with the biggest one: a Send Later option is only available with gmail accounts or exchange accounts. Well gosh, if you *already* have a gmail account there are *already* add-ons and plug-ins that can enable a Send Later feature. So most users are looking for this capability with their IMAP or POP accounts. AirMail can’t help. At least as frustrating is the inability to control font defaults, except on outgoing mail. And even then, many times the default font choices break down, and don’t work. An example: an AirMail user can select a personal choice of fonts and font sizes in which to *compose* mail. But when that email is sent, and comes back as part of a thread, suddenly fonts in the thread default to some other, smaller font. Equally, just pasting a link in an outgoing email can ruin or disrupt the default font. It looks awful, to say the least, to learn *after* sending an email that your recipient will recieve and email composed of differing fonts. Of course, I asked AirMail about these issues before buying and was assured all these capabilities were present. So, that in itself is disappointing. And don’t get me started on support: I explained repeatedly I was running the latest version, only to be told three times over several days my solution would be found by simply “running the latest version.” All in all, you can purchase this app. But it won’t get you too far down the road.

Great email app

Works great, much better than Apple Mail!

Great App, Update Eliminates Plugins

I love to use this for email, but the most recent update has removed my access to plugins that i have installed to enhance the software. I hope that the devs have a fix for this soon.

Mojave update disappointing

The update for Mojave has been problematic. -- Accent color integration renders some emails illegible because the 'accent color' changes the color of links even in rich emails with images. So, for example, if your accent color is blue and the background of a link button is also blue, you may have no idea what the link says. -- Send to Evernote and Send to Fantastical aren't working anymore

Home Run!!

I’ve been through several mail applications and this one knocks it out of the park. Super solid, handles all of the different mail services I use and makes it super easy to organize and view things. Integration with other tools is seamless and solid. The support is outstanding as well, fast and helpful. I won’t bother even trying a different mail app, my search is over.

Crashes every time

Update: I think I've worked out the problem - it seems to be my Outlook/Exchange account from my work was not communicating well with Airmail. I deleted the account and manually set it up as an IMAP account and that seems to have solved the problem. CPU is down to normal levels and the app has stopped freezing every three minutes. This has been bugging me for weeks, so hopefully it's fixed for good now. This app freezes literally three minutes after I open it. CPU usage goes above 100% and I have to continually force quit the app. Would be great if it worked.

Excellent mail program

A few years ago, I was looking for one email program to unite and manage all my email accounts, and found it in the original Airmail. Love the integration across Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Love the rules, the UI, and the flexibility. Most of all, love the support, like today with Sarah on the Tech Team!

Great Support and pretty GUI

I like their GUI, it's beautifully designed and super easy to use. But the biggest like is that when I had some issues adding some accounts, their Chat help was immediate. Excellent customer support.

Hideous Dark Mode

This app has been on the chopping block for me for a while, but the newest update with the hideous dark mode has finally done it.

I hope you have better luck

I hardly ever need to “quit” this program just “empty trash” and this program crashes. I have learned to “empty trash” as the last step in my e-mail routine.

It’s Great (When it works)

I purchased this app the beginning of August because the mail app I was using was going out of buisness. It was very highly rated and I thought it would be a great app, which it is when it works. I have two Gmail accounts and two Exchange accounts. I have daily issues with the exchange account not wanting to send mail. Three to Four times a day when I compose an email and hit send, the app says “sending” but never does. However, if I quit the app and reopen it, the email immediately sends. I contacted Airmail support and after a canned request for my app version, computer version, and email account type, all I received was a link to a generic help article that for one I had already read before contacting support and two, did not help at all.

Airmail Is A Psychotic Boyfriend With Abandonment Issues

I love Airmail. It’s probably one of the best email clients if not the best email client on a Mac. Living with Airmail is a pleasure. Customer service is also great! And you have to commit to using Airmail til death do you part. Don’t ever try to leave Airmail. If you do, you will quickly realize that Airmail is like a psychotic boyfriend who just can’t deal with abandonment. Especially if you are like me who made the mistake of using POP with Airmail. Now I can't take my emails anywhere else. I can go from a Mac to another Mac with Airmail. But that's about the extent of your data mobility with Airmail. It doesn't export to anything meaningfully. Oh, you can export one email at a time. Seriously? I have about 18GB of data in 27,000 emails. And don't even think about the heretical migration to a Windows!!! Again, I love Airmail. But I have other needs. I want to be with Airmail because I love Airmail. Not because I am being blackmailed into being with Airmail. If you really love me, you have to learn to let me go and give me the tools to let me leave. PLEASE PROVIDE EXPORT TO MBOX AND PST!!!!

It’s come a long way.

Edit: After the great security hole issue as reported in 9to5 Mac, I stopped (wouldn't anyone) using Airmail and went back to the stock Mail app. Before that it was begging to become boated and buggy. During the time I wasn't using itmy University changed to O365 and still have a personal Gmail account. Having said both the stock Mail client works great and haven't felt the need to go back to Airmail. I tried it again for the past couple of days and it is eating up processor threads, it is still pretty bloated and it still crashes every so often. Thinks I will stick with the standard Mail client even though it doesnt' have all the bells and whisltes nd it takes one extra step to copy and archive message in Gmail. Probably the best iOS and Mac mail client out there. There is still one annoying “feature” on the Mac client side. When I press the delete key, the message should, well you know get deleted like in Airmail 2. In Airmail 3 it is archived. Yes it is a small annoyance but I when I delete something it is for a fairly good reason. The other minor annoyance is that when starting at the bottom of your inbox, you used to be able to work your way up, the next message being marked as you went in Airmail 3 this functionality seems to be missing. Combining the above to options makes it hard to “whip through” the inbox in the morning and delete what I don’t need, and get to what I do want to read”.

App crashes with Protonmail Bridge

Airmail always crashes with Protonmail Bridge, when other Apps work fine

Unreliable bells and whistles

As an email client, Airmail has a lot of customizable bells and whistles and while it works it works well. The problem is its unreliability. Using a few email accounts I periodically and unceremonously find Airmail slow, freezing up and crashing. Following their support page on this subject (can I safely presume it's a known characteristic/bug?) I clear the cache multiple times evey so often (because I can't tell when Airmail is going to up and crash on me) and when it does it will consistently do so unless I clear the cache or take more drastic measures— I have to hunt down where Airmail saves its account information and trash everything! Yes, take a scorched-earth approach and reset up EVERY account and Airmail from scratch. I can't have that. It's less reliable than Airmail 2.

Airmail 3 - after Apple Mail bit the dust

Today Apple Mail died. Reminds me of Windblows products! So, after many reviews online I decided to try it. I had no choice. All loaded fine, synced all IMAP accounts, does not give me the customization that Apple Mail does, but I will have to use what it has. Most importantly though, I has all my mail, which is # 1 priority right now. I will report back in a week and a month and let you know. Tech support was excellent (Sarah was her name), and she helped me understand the tech-talk and errors between G-mail and AirMail and Ad-Blocker. The web is a cluster-f*** and all the apps crashing each other. One day, we will learn. For now AirMail saved the day….

Not Ready for Prime Time

If you’re looking for a basic email client this might be it, but if you have needs for multiple account, sending to groups of over a dozen or so contacts, or handling larger attachments, stay clear………it has a penchant for deleting your accounts, and so far the vendor’s only solutoin is to delete it, clears the preferences and core settings, then reinstall and start over. Do I use, yes for basic correspondence……but I stay with webmail in the browser when I need to do serious messaging.

Good features but they are not reliable!

After using this mail software for about 1 month. it has crashed on me 2 times when creating email templates which i was hoping to speed my productivity up, instead it crashes and wipes my airmail screen blank and i have to call support to restore the airmail to work again. waste of money if the product causes me to be less productive. Fix the the bugs that crash the mail and i would give thie a 5 star review. until then, its back to stock mail application :(

Address Book

I give the app only three stars because for the length of time it has been active, you still can’t even edit the “address book.” Tons of other features but nothing as simple as editing my contacts in the address book.

Great APP now

I had tried Airmail 2 and been disappointed. After careful consideration I decided to try the upgade and have been very pleased. I am still in the initial phase of getting it set up so I’m not yet using many of the numerous set up options, but I was try to get SpamSieve to work for me and not finding the option to train it. I messaged Steve at tech support and they were able to help me within minutes. Couldn’t ask for better support. I look forward to continue exploring options available.

My favorite email client

I’ve tried a whole bunch of email clients for Mac and iOS and Airmail is my favorite. It has so many features on both Mac and iOS, it looks fantastic, and it just works. Any time I have had a small issue I just go on their website and chat with the support staff who are almost always available and they have been super helpful. Just the other day Steven in support helped me fix two small issues that had been bugging me. I asked him about each one and he immediately gave me the solution, which worked first try. Great app and great developers and support standing behind it. Happy to pay for Airmail!

Great app!

I love the amazing UI to this mail app. I was looking for something that went a step further from the stock mail app and this does it!

Love this App!

Great app with great support. I just got off a chat with Steven and he resolved my very frustrating issue in under a minute.

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