Airmail 3 应用的评论


Well worth the $9.99!

Believe it or not, but writing emails is more fun with AirMail. It’s not fun per se, obviously, but definitely less tedious than with the standard Mac mail. You can customize pretty much everything, and their support is available immediately through online chats. I had a small question and my guy Steven helped me out in less than 2 minutes! Yes, you pay money for something that you could do for free as well. But you get a very pretty interface, customization en masse, and immediate support. That’s well worth paying for, I think.

Frequent crashing

Functional, but far from rock solid, and lacking in some critical features. It crashes 2 to 3 times a day. Message search is overly complicated. Display layout is has several options, but lacks real configurability, and there are times when it is simply impossible to display the full subject line of a message. Access to support is cryptic (no obvious way to submit bug reports, just a read-only knowledge base).

I love the app, but a recent problem was a headache for me

Preface this by saying I really love airmail when it works. Unfortunately I’ve had 2 issues now where while they may not be the most devestating issues (keys or preferences not working, accounts not syncing) and after contacting support they gave quite unhelpful advice and always ended with ‘We will create a dev ticket’ and that was that. The latest issue I had gone though 2 support people who were very “helpful” and friendly in the sense that they wanted to suggest the most basic fixes that I had already tried and then the conversation ended with them sayting they’d speak to a dev. Fortunately, my last attempt to get support was with Mark who gave a bunch of suggestions which while they ultimateily didn’t work, they led me in the right direction to solve the issue myself. There is clearly some bug/corruption related to prefs/prefs_icloud when using multiple computers. Overall the app is a 4.5 or 5 and I love the iphone and mac version but if there are issues beyond the most basic trivial things you are left to your own devices. And again Mark was an incredibly helpful support guy, give him a raise or have him teach others to be more technically problem soling inclined.

Why did I wait so long to leave Mail?

I needed ONE feature—to be able to delay sending an email until a later date. I’ve been using Mail forever, often frustrated by it’s lack of ANY helpful features, and finally decided to do something about it. I’ve been very pleased with AirMail! I’ve even had to use their customer support a couple of times, and this time, Sarah and Steven came to my rescue in a very timely and efficient manner. I’m so glad I made the switch!

Loving this app and the support!

I’ve been on Macmail for a decade and it has real limitations for me. I was referred to Airmail 3 and how it has been amazing to use this app. It is more modern, cleaner and works well for multiple email accounts, way better than macmail. In addition the support is first class, 5 stars! I highyl recommend this app. bt

All Around Incredible App with an equally incredible customer support

Fantastic design. Fast. Beautiful. Functional. By far the best email app I have ever encounter. Light years ahead of everyone else in functionality, integration with productitivity tools like Trello and Omnifocus, among others. Customer service is stellar. Big shout out to Steven. Great company all around.

Absolutely essential app

Airmail for Mac is absolutely essential for me and is indispensable for my daily workflow. Airmail provides the customization, flexibility, and support I need to do my job quickly and efficiently and using the app I enjoy the work even more. The support is amazing as well. Sarah on the support team fixed an issue I had been encountering for months. An important email I receive was being filtered automatically to Archive and she knew the address had been blocked at some point. Immediate fix in less than 60 seconds. Amazing. You will love this app. Go ahead and help yourself buy purchasing and installing.

Great app. Can finally send attachments as separate not inline!

Apple mail has never resolved the issue with being able to send attachments as separate items, such as photos & pdfs. They always want to send and receive as inline attachments. Very annoying. Even if you tell Apple mail to treat them as Windows attachments. Then I found this app, Airmail 3. What a relief, finally! You guys get it. Dragging attachments to the very bottom of the email window lets them ride as separate items. Or if I should choose to create inline, I just drag them to the main body of the email window. Their live support is great. Was having an issue with email text not carring over into the reply and they resolved it within 2 minutes! It pretty much does everything a mail app can do. It still interfaces with the Apple Mail apps on my iPhone & iPad so all that stuff stays in sync. The only thing you need to do is tell Apple Mail that you want Airmail 3 to be the default maill app so Safari on the Mac knows which mail app to launch when you tell it to create an email. Set that up through Apple Mail’s preferences. One other important thing, Airmail 3 allows me to now send encrypted mail through Charter. Apple Mail could never be set up correctly to allow that. Truly a 5-star app!

My favorite mail client so far. Not perfect but the best out there

I use both airmail, outlook 2016 and mac mail (with the mail butler and mail act on add ons) and I tend to use the airmail interface more as I like the look and features of it more. All in all, i love airmail and what they have done with the app. I use this with Gmail (g suite/google apps) and 2 other IMAP accounts. Pluses; Snooze, delay send and follow up if no response are fabulous features and the customization options are fantastic. Reasonably priced for what you get. Able to use Gmail aliases is excellent! Feature request: 1. Option to have conversation view like in Outlook 2016 where the conversation view is only listed on the left/messages side (not the preview side). 2. A way when replying to a thread, to include past attachments (this a great feature in mac mail with mail butler) 3. Search could be a bit better, I find it better via mail or directly via Gmail. 4. Edit subject lines in messages in the inbox. All in all, i still think its the best mail mac app out there.

I loved Airmail until today

For some reason Airmail will not pull any new mail. It keeps asking me to authenticate my accounts which I have done 20 times since Saturday……2 Hours into my work day I have had to set up my apple mail platform again in order to get any work done. SMH

Doesn’t work for

Installed this app on my Mac Pro this past Saturday to possible replace Mac OS Mail. Haven’t been able to get this to work for my email account with Works fine for Gmail accounts. I’ve use many email clients and this is first time I have experienced this issue. App connects to but Activity window displays ‘unrecognized operation’ for the inbox. Only messages from the draft box were downloaded.

Great Support! Even at odd hours

I have more apps than I like to admit meaning I’ve “chatted” with probably dozens of Support teams over the years. The Airmail Support member I chatted with is Sarah, She was the best! Not only was she patient with all my questions but she was able provide helpful responses to all. It is not often when you get someone who is both very patience and extremely knowledgea. Also, says a lot about Airmail as a software provider. I had a prior experience in Airmail's early days that was not helpful. Now, after giving Airmail another look, things are much different. The app is not only extremely well put together but great Support is now there as well. I have probably tried every email app that is out there (I have been using a Mac since the 90s) and Airmail 3 seems to meet all my needs.

Linking 2 google drive

I love this app and I bought it, but it would be more suitable for me if I can add 2 google drive relating to 2different Google account. Thank you!

Great customer support

I use the beta versions and occasionally there are glitches, but customer support is very helpful - particularly Sarah (Thanks Sarah!) Jennifer

Not working.

1. Read receipts are not working! 2. Google Drive is not working either! 3. Customer support is online the whole day but no one answers!

Great support as well

Its different than Apple Mail, but it has more features. As of Jan 12, 2018 Apple mail doesn't work well with MS Exchange. Airmail 3 integrates with Microsft Exchange perfectly. I had a few questions which Sarah and Steve promptly answered via email. Thanks!

Great looking…Powerful….Easy to use….Excellent support

I have been using Airmail for a few years on my desktop and phone. This app is great! It is beautiful looking and is powerful but easy to use. If you ever do have any problems, the support staff is great. I have contacted them a few times and they always answer quickly and are very helpful. Thanks to Steven for helping me today!

Great product, excellent support!

Great product, with some fanatastic productivity features. Support is top notch. Had some minor issues and was able to get Sarah on chat in a few minutes and got the issue resolvd in a few minutes. Great experience!

Support is Timelu

Had issues adding account, was solved in minutes…..Sarah knows her stuff!!

What an email app should be

Really well thought out design and functionality that should be standard on all email apps. When I finally ran into something I couldn’t figure out on my own. Support walked me through. Really an amazing email tool for those like me who depend on email.

Quirky, slow and wildly inefficient.

Like most people, I bought into all the glowing reviews.. pulled the trigger and purchased this app. I will start off by saying, after using this app for several months, I have really tried to make it work. I like the interface.. and there are some “cool” features you won’t find anywhere else.. “but”, all things considered, this app really doesn’t measure up, especially when considering you are paying for it. My three biggest issues with this app: 1.) Text/HTML formatting has been someting they seem to put in their “unimportant” action items for app updates. If you like copying/pasting from a variety of sources.. well… let’s hope you know HTML and are comfortable working directly in an HTML editor. No simple options to remove style/formatting of text you are pasting.. instead, you have to go through a very laborious process to change all the formatting to mesh with your normal email. Why not a simple “remove formatting” button or a “Paste without formatting” option.. like every other email client on the planet seems to have? Want to change the text color? Click on the “color” button and it pops up a little color widget, outside of the main app.. and giving you a million options to change colors.. really? It’s like a want to spread some butter on a piece of bread and you give me a swiss army knife with 30 different types of knive blades.. seriously.. I just want a butter knife. But the one color option you won’t find? Changing the frekin’ background color! If you want to change the background color of some text you pasted in… hold on to your hats! First, I only found this by trial and error… you have to right click on the text, select “font”, then “show fonts”… It then pops up the a font library widget and you have to select background color button.. which then pops up the other swiss army color widget! So now I have 2 seperate widgets open, to make a simple background color change. really? This app desperately needs a simple and refined WYSIWYG editor.. however, I would suspect that the developers would rather be “different” and give you what “they” think you need.. 2.) When I wake the system up from sleep mode.. it doesn’t sync automatically. And when I force a sync, it is painfully slow. I talking upwards of 5 minutes to get my email synced.. I usually have to quit the app and re-open to get any type of speedy email sync. Totally unacceptable. This isn’t an issue with “my system”.. I had this issue on another macbook pro and had purchased a new macbook pro and did a clean install of the app… same issue. 3.) The search function.. this is a slow, slow process.. For now, I will be flipping back to mac mail until they get this app refined. If you are a power user.. I would recommend going elsewhere.. or stick with what you have. In this case.. the juice is not worth the squeeze.

Horrible with attachments

I have been using Airmail as my primary work email for two years and have liked it, except for the awful way it handles attachments. I am going to stop using it at this point for this reason. When I send attachments to clients or even just forward an email to them, which I do frequently, they cannot see or download what I have sent or forwarded to them. Receiving and searching for attachments is just as bad.

Working with all my email accounts

I switched office email servers and immediately had trouble with my email client. Problems were different on desktop and laptop. I researched and found Airmail. Gave it a try… setup was smiple and VERY quick. I was relieved Airmail handled ALL my email accounts. $10 well spent. I highly recommend.

Great UI, Suspicious Behaviors

The UI is great, but Airmal keeps adding weird file attachments of its own volition. More tech savvy recipients have found them to be disconcerting enough that they won’t open emails out of concern. A mail client doesn’t work if the ohter person won’t read your message because your email client makes it look like you’ve been hacked.

Amazing support!

My email server doesn’t allow me to have rules, Airmail allow to have any rule I want and automatically sync with iCloud. I was able to customize the interface with the help of their amazing support. Thanks <Sarah> for taking the time in showing me how to do it.

Wll not download all the emails from the server

it will not download old emails from the server on both platform mac and iphone, if you have 900 emails or more, forget about this junk app.

Very Impressed

Just purchased and installed Airmail 3, had some immediate questions and figured I would check the support site, to my suprise Sarah answered very quickly, this was at 4pm EST on a Sunday! If the app is as good as Sarah’s support I will never need to look for another email app again! Thanks Sarah for your quick response to my questions!

An excellent mail tool

As a single-person entrepreneur, I use Airmail for all of my email needs and have several different email addresses synched up to Airmail. Everything works flawlessly and I have found it extremely easy to set up and use. Since moving over several months ago, I have had zero issues. Earlier today, I had a question relating to a problem I had experienced and used Airmail’s web interface to post my issue. It took a total of 2 back and forth emails and less than an hour and … presto … issue resolved. Steven was efficient and once he understood the exact problem I was having - it was slightly complex to explain via email - he showed me a VERY simple fix.. To say I’m happy with Airmail is an understatement. The product is excellent, but the response time to my issue was even better. Kudos to their development and support team. For entrepreneurs like me who no linger have access to IT departments, Airmail is great. Does exactly what I need it to and does it without fuss. A few months later, I needed some support again and Sarah was fantastic and resolved my issue promptly and with ease! Thank you Airmail!

Great App

Outstanding application. User-friendly, intuitive interface. Makes it easy to access and monitor multiple email addresses simultaneously. Would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Impossible to Try first then Buy

I downloaded Airmail Beta and used it to figure out whether it's worth paying for the app. It looks great, so I decided to upgrade. Here's where things stop working. The application doesn't let you upgrade or migrate your settings from the Beta app. It doesn't replace it either, so now external browser links remain associated to the "Beta" app instead of linking to the new app. Exporting and importing settings doesn't seem to work either. All in all, it's pretty disappointing that after all this time they haven't figured out how to migrate your account - I'm not sure how they get a Beta user to convert to a paid one.

Works Great

After having problems with the email program that comes with all Mac’s, I started using Airmail. I installed it on an iMac and a Macbook Pro about 2 years ago and have had 0 issues until today. the inbox on my iMac would only show certain emails from a single sender and nothing else. I contacted support and Sarah was able to help me resolve in a few minutes. Could not ask for anything better!

Excellent App

Excellent support. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Solid client - does what is advertised

If you need a client to easily consolidate multiple email accounts this works well. I have three (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail) all pulled in and haven’t had any problems with synching or folder organization. I find the layout better than the Mac Email program (which I keep for work) and it is much better than going to the individual web clients. One recommendation: it would be great to delete or move an email when you receive the notification alert.

Great upgrade from basic mail, support very responsive

I’ve been using Airmail for a couple of years and it is an excellent alternative to the basic mail app in MacOS. Any time I’ve run into issues I can’t figure out myself, the Airmail support staff has been very quick to respond (and resolve) my issues. Sara from Support just recently brought me back from the precipice of having to find a new email client. My Airmail wasn’t refreshing my IMAP accounts, and with Outlook for Mac pretty much useless (if you don’t use Exchange…), I was in a tight spot. A quick chat with her and she gave me a simple solution (refresh the cache for the affected accounts), and now I’m back on track using Airmail. Thanks, Sara!


I love a lot of features of this app and the iOS version works great. BUT, the OS version crashes multiple times a day on me. Always when I am deleting emails. I’ve persisted for a week, but no answer or solution from the support team. Every time the crash happens, it is not resolved with a Force Quit and Re-open. I have to completely remove the program files from my Mac, re-install and re-import all of my email accounts (7 of them). Supposedly they should import automatically with iCloud Sync. Sometimes this works and when it does, it is relatively quick and painless. When it doesn’t work, it is a real nightmare to re-add everything with a few times losing my settings, signatures, etc. So now I’ve had no choice but to return to Apple Mail. :(

Enjoying Airmail and Airmail Support!

I have tried many (maybe most) email clients for Mac and have settled on Airmail 3. It does everything I need it to do, easily. Also, when I had a question, “Sarah” helped me out immediately which I really appreciated. I’m very pleased!

Great app, super helpful support staff

I have been using this email program for a couple of years, and enjoy the ability to separate my personal and work emails easily without having to switch between programs or open tabs on my internet browser. I recently had an issue with one of the servers, and Sarah at Airmail support quickly diagnosed the issue and gave me easy to follow instructions that resolved the issue. Definite recommend on the program and the people behind it!

Customer Support A+

This application is extremely intuitive and very helpful. Anything that you might need an extra hand with, the Support team is very quick to respond. Sarah on Support is very helpful with detailed answers and helped me solve my issue in minutes. Thank you.

Could be awesome, but...

They’ve done a nice job with the product, but the support is abysmal. The knowledge base is poorly organized. There’s no apparent mechanism to call or email to ask for help. The product is fine until something goes wrong — and somtimes it does, and at that point you’re pretty much on your own. There is a human/chatbot on their support page that offers to help, but the person is too often “away."

Will not SYNC across devices.

This app is beautiful. I love all of the features and the interface. There is none like it when it comes to making email use easy and intuitive. However, no matter how many times I try to sync through iCloud, my accounts never fully line up across my devices. If you want to be able to read an email, and have it actually show up as “read,” on another device, I discourage spending the $9.99. It’s a VERY frustrating problem that han’t been rectified with the past few updates.

A very worthwhile jump forward

I didn’t realize all the possibilities for a mail app or my ultimate boredom with the old style mail user interface and functionality. Although standard offerings have been reliable they certainly leave quite a few opportunities for expanded functionality and improved UI. I have to say my initial experience with Airmail has been outstanding. I love the extended features and plugins available. I encountered one problem when installing on my second machine and reached out to support - this is where it gets really good: clicked on support; a chat window opened (on a holiday) and I summarized my problem only to have a very helpful and technically wise person (Sarah) respond immediately with a perfect fix. In the end it was my error - she was kind and spot on with her assistance. For all you out there concerned about spending $10 for this app - please stop and think about it - I believe for most a bit of honest reflection will lead you to conclude this is one heck of a deal. It is expensive to develop software, it is even more expensive to develop great software and it expensive to keep it current and support it. For me this is a wonderful deal - for those that find $10 too much to spend I believe they must not value their time much… this is a tool which pays for itself very quickly if your time has much value at all.

Love IT!

I have tried several email clients, and this one far surpasses any of the others. It has an intuitive and comprehensive interface. The support is fantastic. I highly recommend this software.

Most Flexible Client There Is

Airmail comes with fine grain adjustment, like no other mail client. If you have a specialize need for a specific account or multiple accounts, you can do it in Airmail. It’s pretty nuts. Also, Sarah gives great support.

Total Garbage

Is not even capable of displaying images that people send me in an email. They only show up in gmail or outlook but not in airmail, even though that feature is enabled in my settings. Their support told me to clear my cache. That did nothing. Also I have autocorrect turned off and it autocorrects everything anyway. How has this been out so long with so many glaringly obvious bugs that many people complain about regularly? Go for any other email client than this one. It’s not worth it.

Beautiful & Buggy

Beautiful App, when it works, and thats a big when, its great. When it doesn’t its equally frustrating, and since it doesnt work so frequently…back to macOS Mail. Bought the iOS app and tried both for nearly a month. Lost emails = Wasted money.

you the--you the best, you the best I ever had. (you=Airmail)

I’ve tried my share of email clients (Postbox, Unibox, Shift, Wavebox, etc.), and this one takes the cake. Lightening fast search (zero waiting on inbox-indexing). Easy keyboard shortcuts. Flexible theme and viewing options. UNIFIED INBOX! *Beautiful* interface. Awesome customer support (just moments ago, Sarah helped me sync my contacts with iCloud). And all for less than $10! What more do you want? BUY IT. Or try it first! (you can email them for a trial download.)

J’y suis, j’y reste!

I tried a few other email apps, but I always get back to Airmail. For me it's the most complete email app for macOS, iOS and watchOS. It supports the Touch Bar, which I really like.

A great application, but some flaws...

I recently purchased this application, and am impressed with the simplicity, elegance and functionality of this Apple Mail alternative for both the Mac and the iOS. Initially, I has some issues importing a huge mail database (about 380,000 entries), but pretty much sorted it out with Airmail’s technical support team. I asked several questions via their website chat app, and the response was always fast, helpful and to the point. PROS: --Great support for OmniFocus and other third-party integration --Very nice interface --Easy to use, fairly intuitive --Good customer support, fast and across all time zones CONS: --No export function back to Mail or whatever you want to use if Airmail doesn’t work out. With the limited number of staff they have at Bloop, what will you do if they decide not to pursue Airmail further? Keep this in mind. --No ‘Flag' support. This is a big one. If you import flagged mail into Airport, you will not see the flags, as this feature has been completely removed. —’Send Later' functionality works only with Exchange and Google. —No user manual, only FAQ’s on their website I hope the Bloop team continues to grow, and overall, pretty happy with Airmail purchase on both the iOS and the Mac.

Tech Support Very Helpful

I was having an issue setting up my imap account but Sarah walked me right through it and it works great now. Great replacement for Mac Mail!!!

excellent solution

Excellent mail client. Excellent Support (Thank you Sarah). I was so frustrated with using Mac Mail for our business and personal needs. This has been great!

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