Airmail 3 应用的评论


Best email client, best support

I’ve been using Airmail for a while, both on iOS and macOS, after having tried most of the competitors. Airmail is great, and the support is even better: I contacted them with what looked like a bug a couple of days ago, Sarah (from Airmail support team) got back to me within a few hours, passed the issue to the dev team, and followed up letting me know when the problem was fixed. The fix took just a couple of days, and the entire interaction was a breeze. Highly recommended if you want a great email client with a clear business model (I really can’t trust free apps for something as important and private as email).

Love this App!

I have tried a variety of Mac apps to manage my email (I hate MAC MAIL) and I finally landed on one that is perfect in every way. Not only do it manage my email well, all of the features it has built in have helped me immensely. In addition, Ive had to reach out to support on a couple of occasions (software just glitches no matter how good it is) and they have always been incredibly repsonsive and helpful. I cannot recommend this app enough!

Worth the Cost

I was hesitant to spend the $$ for this app (in both Mac OS and iOS), given the free options available, but I’m glad I did. I have used Airmail 3 for a week now, and am very pleased with the way it manages multiple email accounts, allowing extensive custimization of each account and of the way the program works generally. I especially like the ability to access all the options for dealing with particular messages individually without opening the message, the color-coding and icons available for each account indivicually and the snooze and to-do features. It has a pleasing appearance, as well, that is also customizable to enhance readability for long conversation threads, among other things. The IOS version is also very good, and the app allows easy transfer of account details and preferences across devices. The only potential bug I found (a scrolling problem in the preview pane in the Mac version) was fixed in the 3.5.6 update today. Steven in customer support was very responsive to my issue by chat and email. Worth the cost.

Became Awful

I’ve had significant issues with Airmail in the last month that have caused me to lose rapport with customers and associates. The number one issue is that emails will send with skewed text and/or missing images, when they were perfectly formatted in my draft. The search fuction is also below par. I regret this purchase (a year ago) and will be going with a stable email client in future.

I like a lot but I rate it with 1 star because the following reason

Buy the application on My Mac, My iPhone and My iPad, the application I like a lot but I rate it with 1 star because the following reason. For example, if I read an email on my Mac with Airmail on my iPhone and iPad, the notification will not go away and it is inconvenient to have to open the Airmail application to update that I have already read the message. If I read an email from Airmail on My Mac and the notification of that email will be deleted on my iPhone and iPad it would be perfect.

3.5.5 wouldn’t update due to Finder setting.

I tried updating on my MacBook Pro (10.13.4) and got the error message: “Airmail 3” cannot be updated because its extensions are in use by “Spotlight”. I contacted Bloop via chat, and was told by Steven to contact Apple Support. I did so, and they determined that I needed change my finder preference to show all file extensions; once I did that, the software updated. Successfully updating in the App Store shouldn’t depend on a Finder setting - and the support response felt like a brush-off. I’m happy with the software, the one star is for the support they gave me on this - it appears there’s something funky going on with the installation, since I’ve succesfully updated before. When I wrote to Bloop with the info from Apple, no reply. Maybe they were OoO at that point, maybe not. My experience certainly didn’t feel like first-class support.

Disappointed it keeps freezing up

I am so disappointed. I thought Id finally found an a way to tackle my email, except it keeps freezing up even when it’s in the background and causing my other programs to freeze up. too buggy for me.

Huge THANK YOU to the DEVS for Constantly Maintaining this App - LOVE IT

By far, hands down, my favorite mail app. Of several different apps that tout their the best. No. AIRMAIL is the best mail app. HUGE thank you to the devs for their continued support and maintence for this application, I have 50+ email accounts to maintain, you guys are LIFE SAVERS!

What happened?

I’ve always loved this app but it seems like, on the most recent version, search has gotten unusably slow. ?

I woud love this app except for...

This pig is seriously flawed, my deleted mail folder is now has over 28,000 deleted emails in it, seriously this is BS

Fantastic and fast support! :)

I just bought Airmail 3 not more than 2 hours ago… knowing I had one of my several email accounts that was a problem with SMTP. Of which Apple Mail was the only other app able to make it work. I tried Microsoft Outlook and PostBox and neighter of their support teams have been unable to resolve. I contacted support through the app and within minutes was contacted by Sarah, who immediately asked the appropriate questions and had David contact me with a working fix in less than 15 minutes… very impressive and could not be happier! I got all six of my business email accounts up and running in less than 30 minutes... It is definitely a big step up from Apple’s Mail App and the interface is simple to use and extremely customizable, which I like a lot. I am very happy to email again. If you are looking for an app as easy to use as Apple’s Mail and sophiticated enough for business mail like Microsoft’s Outlook, then you need Airmail 3.

Feature rich, perfect Mac + iOS workflow

Airmail is admittedly clunkier than the competition (I’ve tried Spark, Edison, Inbox, and Gmail). However, I still prefer Airmail for some of the features that are not present in other apps. Most notably for me is the ability to copy an email URL link to paste it in my task manager (that way I can archive the email but quickly refer back to it in Airmail for iPhone or Mac). I also find read receipts very useful when I have a slow-to-respond professor or client. Lastly, from a design perspective: most other apps do not display the contact photo in the inbox list, which allows me to quickly sort through emails visually. I wanted to thank the developer for their hard work! I’ve been using Airmail for years now!

Since last update, problems!!!

Arimail3 had aleays worked pretty well for me with my several email accounts. HOWEVER, after the last update (3.5.4) I continually am having a nagging issue that may force me abandon this product. Airmail now refuses to allow many emails I delete, to stay deleted! It returns them to my inbox. I delete them once again, and after the refresh they return!! It’s not a server issue, as it happens with email accounts in Airmail from both Hotmail and Gmail. It happens even though I’ve deleted the particular emails directly from both servers as well. This never happened before the update. I contacted support and was advised to also clean the message caches for the accounts, which I did. That caused yet another nightmare as emails I deleted 6 months ago started showing up once again in m inbox. VERY frustrating. I’m now looking for other options as I don’t want to spend more time troubleshooting something that was an update issue!


Having read the great reviews from multiple sources, yet not noting any advisories re. Office365 email accounts, I paid the $10.59 (including tax), downloaded Airmail 3, and began to set it up. Everything seemed fine, until I attempted to setup my company’s Office365 email account, which has two-step authentication enabled. I had no problems setting up this account on Apple Mail, iOS Mail, or Android Mail. However, the Airmail 3 OSX app wouldn’t set up the account. I contacted Airmail 3 support, and they revealed to me that, "I am afraid Exchange accounts with Two factor or Multi factor authentication are not supported for now.” I wish they would have mentioned this somewhere in the app purchase page, as then I wouldn’t have gone through the hassle of paying for the app. Now, since Airmail 3 is useless to me, I must go through the further inconvenience of applying for a refund through Apple’s App Store and dealing with that bureaucracy. Very disappointed.

Great Support

I had a relatively simple question about how to do something in Airmail that I couldn’t figure out. I did what I usaully do and searched for a solution on the internet. The search brought me to the Airmail site, where someone had posed a similar question. Before I could read the answer, a chat box opened up and Sarah asked if she could help. I typed in my problem and had an answer in 30 seconds. I’ve never had a sortware issue resolved so quickly….

If only I could have my $9.99 back

Nice interface and nice design… but functionality wise, it is still a mediocre product, specially when it comes to attachments. Every 2 weeks there was a problem and I had to contact customer service… I finally gave up, and going back to Mac Mail. But I tried and tried to make it work.

Beautiful but slow

I’ve been using this app for close to two years but this week I’ve decided to go back to Apple Mail. While the interface is beautiful and the app has some interesting features I found myself dreading doing any search - and I use search quite a lot to quickly find client emails, etc. Search is very slow, and then results will appear in the search field after a while and will dissappear if I try to do anything else in the app, then your search results are gone. I know that designing and developing an app is very hard - my hat is off to the developers but it’s just not for me any more.

Does more than I need--but does it all perfectly

And Sarah and Mark at customer support have always been extremely helpful when I couldn’t figure something out. Best. Support. Out there.

I’ve tried them all. . .

I’ve tried almost every email client out there and I always come back to Airmail. No client is perfect, but Airmail seems to have the most features and make improvements in the areas that are most helpful. Their support is wonderful as well. I had a general question on how to use a feature and Sarah helped me in minutes. Fast and helpful support is probably the best feature of any application. Thanks Airmail.

Seems to work well

Got tired of Apple Mail’s handling of gmail, which broke in various ways every couple of months or so. Airmail seems more reliable, and feature set is a bit better also. Documentation is pretty sketchy, and no phone support, but a chat with Sarah today quickly solved my problem (needed to clear cache to solve sent mail sorting issue).

Great Support

Whenever I can't figure something out I ping Airmail support. Mark is particularly helpful. Generally the online support is available, fast and clear.

Privacy Conscious Users Beware

While Airmail may be pretty, their implementation of IMAP does not appear to support e-mail providers that offer end to end encryption. For example… when trying to use Protonmail, Airmail not only doesnt work… it immediately crashes. I suppose if one doesn’t need a reliable IMAP structure that supports what is, essentially, a local e-mail server, Airmail is fine. For those who need more that a pretty face, however, it leaves much to be desired. Look elsewhere.

Sync problem

1) Mails get an incorrect date at sync 2) Attachments dont open, it throw an error of corrupted files just with this mail app My primary mail account is on Office365

TERRIBLE Support manners

Looks good but that’s about it. Doesn’support all types of Exchange mail, and instead of answering yes/no questions, Sarah from support was as rude and complicated as she could possibly be. Perhaps she needed a glass of wine, or something… Hopefully I can get my mondy back

Great Support

Was changing email servers and needed help understanding how to best save my emails before the switch over. Sarah at customer service responded within a minute to my request and provided detailed instructions. Huge help.

I like Airmail a lot. I used to use Apple Mail :/

Everything just works. I used to always have issues with Apple Mail disconnecting from my website email. Airmail is much more organized, easier to look at, and doesn’t have any weird glitches like Apple Mail. I had one question about how to use it so I messaged their support online and their support agent Sarah immediately responded with the solution. It’s pretty great.

Great Customer Support

Like always something stupid happended and I must have wiped out all my settings and the program was not working right. Sarah from customer support reached to me within 5 minutes and walked me through the process of identifying the issue. I had to reinstall the program and again hit a wall with apple’s two step security process. Sarah was way ahead of me and sent me the apple solution . the whole episod took 10 min and I’m up and running….just they way you would wish things alway worked out….Great support Airmail is great and works better than mail with iCloud.


I clicked on and immediately Steven (via chat window) asked if I needed help. He helped me fix my signature — being able to display an image. SOOOO great to have instant support. Bye bye Mac Mail!!!

Great But iCloud is broken

I love this app and everything about it. Except one thing. That one thing I am having a problem with is the connecting of my iCloud email account. It constantly asks me to reenter my password over and over backlogging my emails until i click enter enough times to excute the push. Other than this my experience has been great.

Love the App, Love the Customer Support

I’ve been using the app on Mac and iOS for the better part of 2 years. I love the customization and the usage of swipes allow me to organize, delete, and even unsubscribe with the swipe of a finger. Everytime I have an issue (usually because of the lack of my computer abilities) I will go to their website for support. Within minutes my problems are solved! Thanks Steven for the swift and helpful customer support!

Well worth the money if you have complementary apps

I am in love with the Fantastical and Things 3 integration. Besides, my company's exchange account does not offer draft folder, I lost countless mails because of that. Airmail comes to help in that respect as it offers a draft folder on its own (I guess it uses iCloud for that). Many of AirMail 3 features can be found in a free app Spark but the crucial ones I care are only special to Airmail: 1. Hand-off between mac and iOS (Spark offers it only between iOS), 2. Integration with Fantastical and Things 3, it is super useful to select a text and send it to these apps, gotta try it to believe it (Spark will never support this, because the developer (Readdle) is in competition with Flexibits in the smart calendar app market, on a separate note Fantastical beats the crap out of Calendar 5 btw), 3. The “zoom" feature in a mail in iOS, (Spark does not support this for some ridiculous reason), 4. Proper support for .mime attachments (Spark sees them as attachments, even though they are just text in a mail form, you need external to view them, even stock apple mail sees them as text, this frustrated me a lot with Spark because I get weekly emails containing .mime attacments), 5. Marking messages as "To do" or “memo” other than just “Starred”. (Last time I used it spark did not have this feature, maybe I missed it) 6. VIP notification support (no clue why spark does not allow this, their e-mail classification algorithm is not very well trained, iphone classifies one thing mac classifies another, but they keep their notification system based on that classification. People send me personal e-mails, dont mean that they are as important as the ones that I am getting from my boss during daytime, note though that apple mail supports this already) 7. Non-VIP banners, I kinda like that when there is new e-mail from a non-VIP notification pops-up as a banner on the top right corner of my mac, without any notification bell ringing. That informs me that there is mail to read but also tells me that it is not someone that is important. 8. Muting or Blocking a mailer, this is increadibly useful! (Spark does not have this afaik) 9. I also like the unseen mail counter on the menu bar. It turns blue and it is really sweet. (Spark does not have this, nor does apple mail)

Search is HORRIBLE

One of the most important things an email program can do is help you find stuff in your old emails. I’d say 70% of the time Airmail fails at this very basic task. Couldn’t tell you why, but it just can’t find stuff. And as a point of background – I’m a computer programmer. I’m good at figuring out user interfaces. If I can’t figure it out, no one can.

Not all there...

This application HAS everything - but also has more glitches than I can handle. Some big ones: timing. The exact times emails are sent and received are manipulated if you search for an old message. It’s extremely hard to describe this but basicailly if you’re not careful, you may think you sent an email that day, when infact all you did was search for it earlier that day. Next, you have to clean the cache all the time. I have some messages that refuse to archive. I can move them to folders, delete them, and they will stay in my inbox until I either rebuild or clean the cache. Labels - they work when they want to. I have 8 messages that are labeled ‘work’ but 7 of them show up when I click the ‘work’ label. The workaround here is that I have a smart inbox that contains all items marked ‘work’ and it works. Overall - the potential is there. It has everything I could ever want from an email client and I’d give anything for it to not be so glitchy. I’d rather use a subpar program than one where im frustrated.

Fantastic experience, great support

I was looking for an alterative to Outlook and found just the thing. Airmail is great, it’s feature rich and the support is stellar. I was unable to get my Office365 account from my Uni to show up, and even at 2 AM they were able to help me via live chat in under 30 seconds. Absolutely fantastic!

Best mail app, period.

I bought this today and I am so happy that I did. This mail app has all the options that I am looking for and so much more! It took me less than 1 hour to customize the app to meet my requirements. Along the way, I read a few official blog posts and also got my questions clarified by Steven (a customer service rep) instantly. In less than a day, I am already a fan of this excellent email app. I have not faced any issues with instability or previous emails going missing. It’s just perfect. Two features that I really wanted and got from this app among others are Sending Delay (where you can choose to edit your email even after you’ve hit the Send button) and Send Later (where you can schedule your email to be sent at a later date/time). The interface itself is so clean and beautiful. I love how I can see the logos/pics next to emails. The customization options are endless. You can just about change anything to suit your personal needs. I mainly switched because I was bored of using Apple’s default mail app but I realized with this app there are so many things I can now do that I could not previously achieve with the default mail app. Airmail 3 is hands down the best email app on the Mac App Store.


I bought this app hoping to consolidate three separate Gmail accounts in one desktop app. The app is nice, features are great, and it’s well laid-out. The problem is it’s absolutely horrendous to configure with Gmail. I spent an entire day on forums and Airmail’s own FAQs (they offer no real support from what I could find), and at the end had to ditch it because 1) it wouldn’t sync properly, requiring constant restarts, 2) I could never get the Primary gmail label to work properly (it would either put Primary mails in the All Inbox folder with all junk or it would not grab them at all). On eht one hand, I get it, any given problem might be on my end. But I’m a power user and it shouldn’t have required all day to configure something to completely no avail, and then not be able to request support. They’re going after the Gmail market, but it was a fail for this user.

Hands down best e-mail app ever

BUY THIS APP - IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE WONDERFUL! I pre-date both Mac’s and PC’s and have used quite a few e-mail programs and have been shackled to Outlook which was problematic with adding multiple g-mail accounts (unless you are a coding engineer) and also had to keep my Mac OS e-mail program separate for other reasons. I heard about AirMail from toolsand and what a blessing it is!. Within just a few minutes of buying it on the app store, it was up and running with all the accounts. The whole third party app validation thing was a bit challenging (not their fault only to meet Apple’s security protocols - which make sense) but their online help made it clear and solved the problem (put the number in the account profile under preferences not when it pops up as the pop up screen for some reason wouldnt hold the third party password number). Still that was only a minor issue. Also had a challenge finding exactly where to change the silhouette icon for the various accounts (its a bit hidden - you have to double click on the existing icon), but Sarah, the worlds greatest customer support person was quick to reply to my question (literally no more than a minute). As a result of using this app the sun is shining, the bird are singing and I’m free!!!

The Answer to MacMail

The app is pretty good. It has lots of great features, like delayed sending that I was missing in MacMail. I like the organization for the most part. I did just recently have a problem with one of my email accounts not syncing but was able to speak to Sara through Chat support and she immediately showed me how to resolve the problem. I am thankful for the Chat function and for Sara’s help.

Failed promise from a good reccomendation

I will keep this short as my MBP keyboard is borked, but this was posed as a well designed, stylish, “premium” mail client which I was badly in need of to get organized. In the end, the mobile and desktop versions lack feature parity, documentation and onboarding is confusing, and the power user customizability is vastly overstated. Wasted 15 dollars :/

Totally ROCKS! Everything I Have Been Looking For.

Only One Suggestion! On the Mac App version… Change the color of the upper area that surrounds the “Seach" Field to “Black” (or something different than White). I mistakenly sometimes point my mouse to the top area of the App to click there, to re-position it in a different place/area on one of my displays. In doing so, more often than not, I end up clicking right in the Search Field, which then switches the App into the "Seach Mode” Yikes!, thus deselecting the email I was reviewing/reading, Just me I guess, but I think the "Search Field" would be much easier to see if it was not embedded over white background. Even better idea would be to allow us users to choose wharever color we wanted for that area of the Application. In any case, this is one great email client. As far as searches go, mine our Wicked FAST, unlike another review I read. I have retired Apple Mail. This is the App that Apple should have built. I also use Spark, but AirMail 3 is on another level. Especially the ability to assign an email to my Calendar or a memo to remind me to come back later…Syncs beautifully between all my devices. Worth EVERY Penny! This App is a No Brainer. Nice Job!

Fix Things 3 Integration please

Great app. Love it. The best mail clinet for mac - tried them all, or at least most of them. Buy you guys need to fix Things 3 integration! 4 stars only for that.

Love the Potential, but bugs and support made me uninstall

Was looking for alternatives to Mail and Outlook and found AirMail. Worked great for a about 3ish months, then AirMail slowly devolved. Currently can’t close the app without force quitting. At least 3 times a week the app chews up as much of the system resources as it can find. This is with a 2017 MacBook Pro 15” w/touchbar. Contacted customer services… 1st Attempt - Got nothing, they only show chat based support. Couldn’t find email or phone base support, or at least it wasn’t readily visible 2nd Attempt - (3 days later) - Chatted with someone that asked if I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, then stated that they would contact the devs and get back to me. That was 2ish months ago and nothing 3rd Attempt - Nothing I may give it another go in the future, but with minimal support and a seemingly less than 75% product I’ll have to find something different.


3/27/18 I’m starting work on ditching this software. Previously it was search, which is still not good…slow and doesn’t give the right results. MORE importantly, sometimes when I move emails (it happens more and more often now) to a folder, it will say that it is deleting the email…sometimes it moves it to the right folder and sometimes it moves it to the trash. Now I’m concerned that many of my emails are being deleted if I don’t pay close attention. Also, not finding how to keep the trash from emptying on it’s own. Fifteen updates later - Search STILL does not work for me 5/7/15 After six months of using the Beta, which worked okay, I switched to 2.1, figuring it would be working well….search is pathetically broken. I may be jumping ship soon. — For some reason no search results come up when I search…and there should be a way to filter emails by address easily…I haven’t found it. 12.4.14 Search still does not work for me. I’m using the Beta, which works fine, but I may just jump ship. 10.25.14 Restarted plenty of times…did all I can think of (which isn’t much) and search still brings back exactly ZERO results…and with no working ability to filter either, I am getting plenty close to abandoning this program for good. I did not have this problem with the previous version under Mavericks…even though the search function sucked in that version, at least it worked.

Best in class, cross platform email app

I’ve used a lot of different apps, and this strikes the perfect balance of features/function and elegant simple form. I love that it feels the same on both iOS and Mac OS.

Great app…you won’t go wrong buying it.

Sarah was prompt to answer my question today. Over the past few months, Airmail support team has been really responsive. It’s a great app that I use daily.

I gave it 4 months

I'm not sure exactly what prompted me to try AirMail in the beginning, maybe just wanting something new. I've been using it for about four months now on a daily basis (on OS X 10.12.6). I’ve noticed some bugginess as I occasionally need to close and reopen the application in order for mails to send - they just sit in the drafts folder until I restart AirMail. All in all it’s been a nice change - although I must admit that I’m going back to MacMail or Outlook, simply to see what’s new over there.

Between Good & Great

I’m a new user, so I could see myself switching my review to great, but I stayed at good for now because there were a few things that just weren’t super intuitive for me. I switched because my old mail app could never seem to filter my junk mail properly. AirMail seems far more efficient at that, and I like the customization users have over how the messages are managed within the various mail boxes. As I mentioned, not everything was very intuitive for me at first, but they did have a great online chat help, and Steven answered my questions and got all of my issues resolved quickly. I’m definitely much happier with the app after chatting with him!

Lots of features

I like the app. Sarah from support was quiet helpful in troubleshooting an issue I had.

Very happy with purchase

I’m very satisfied. Airmail plays much nicer with my work exchange account than mac Mail did. Customer Service, Sarah in particular, are very helpful and responsive. I love the unified inbox, and think it would be great if the software enabled me to unify specific folders as well.

Really great mail app

No only is the app great but the support is amazing. 10:30pm I went to the web site to look up info on syncing with iCloud. Window popped up asking if I needed help. I assumed this would not get me anywhere since it was so late and expected only sales help. I asked my technical question and in a few seconds David gave me a thorough answer. It didn’t fix my issue but set me on the right path to fix it myself. Nice surprise!

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